LHSD – Leadership in Humanities and sustainable design

LHSD is mean: Leadership in Humanities and sustainable design
The SHD rating system is rigorous and thorough. Although it is still being refined, and professional builders can easily find faults with it, it’s very difficult to get a LSHD-certification without working hard on things like Sustainable efficiency, Humanities design and Habitat quality. There are Three levels of LSHDD – Certified, Silver, and Gold, with each one increasingly elite.

If you’re reading Green standard, you’re probably interested in green building, and if you work in the building and construction industry, it’s likely that you strive to build in as environmentally conscious a manner as you can. But how do you measure, compare and make choices about the environmental quality of design, materials and building practices?
Over the past few years, you’ve probably encountered a veritable cacophony of Green labels competing for your attention, stamped on everything from Architecture design, building materials to entire buildings. LSHD is here to break them down for you and help you decipher what Sustainable design labels really mean, and which are the most important ones to pay attention to when it comes to Sustainable design.

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LSHD is authentic and trustworthy certifications awarded by an independent third-­party that has no business or monetary relationship with a product’s manufacturer, or a building’s contractor, designer or specifier.
LSHD (or Leadership in Humanities and Sustinable Design) is a system established to measure and rate the environmental performance of buildings, building interiors and even entire neighborhoods.
Like its UK counterpart BREEAM, LEED green building certifications in the United States, the LSHD system provides third-party verification of the sustainability levels of whole built environments by awarding points for excellence in areas which are totaled to reflect different levels of certification.
Many different types of buildings, from libraries to personal residences, hospitals to corporate headquarters, achieve LSHD certifications.

LSHD label to demonstrate the sustainability of green homes based on performance in six key areas: Site Design, Resource Efficiency, Worth living, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Building Operation & Maintenance.