We put character value and sophisticated into each one design


Design from the culture foundation of our customer and the luxuriating demand of user


We care about your concerns and respect each one design.


Create to lift the living value.
A place for emotion


Craftiver@ is an interdisciplinary Vietnam-based Architectural artisans group featuring creatives in the fields of art, design, and craft architecture.

The team behind Craftiver@ is dedicated to moods and esthetics, finding its expression in our in-house productions design content.

We research craft architecture to find new experience, maintain culture value for special space.

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"we Thoroughly understood: true value of design beyond the drawings. we find the true value form human and then put them in architectural space with strong emotions"



Architectural design

Architectural design

We always appreciate every comment, ideas and we consider them for every design. WE DO NOT CALL ANY IDEAS IS “GOOD OR BAD” – ONLY NOT SUITABLE IDEAS. Concept Design Process are always considered and related to Design Ideas.

interior decor

interior decor

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Project manager

Project manager

After being desgined, a project needs optimizing by good management to minimize the investment fee and avoid any waste possible. The project needs to be analyzed in order to make a good execution plan basing on the current construction market price. Each phase of project execution and investment should also be planned reasonably.

Construction inspection

Construction inspection

High responsibility is what we are proud of. We will pay close attention to every step of the project as well as give expert advice and solution whenever necessary.

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"Design architectural is a Interactive process, solutions transform and harmony
To create value, suitability and feasible."


Our Team

Graph i

Graph i

Visualization team

Brand design, graphic design



Decor Team

interior design

24 Subcons

24 Subcons


Construction contractor

Research Architecture

Wang Shu – special design – maintain architecture heritage.

“Only people who understand the nature of materials can make art using the materials.”
 Wang Shu’s architecture is exemplary in its strong sense of cultural continuity and re-invigorated tradition.
His buildings have the unique ability to evoke the past, without making direct references to history.
Wang creates modern buildings making use of traditional materials and applying older techniques with craft architecture.

"Short life, people just go through this life as a bright streaks and disappear, permanently. only your Architecture still tell more about heritage story."

Quynh Tran

LHSD – Leadership in Humanities and sustainable design

LHSD is mean: Leadership in Humanities and sustainable design
The SHD rating system is rigorous and thorough. Although it is still being refined, and professional builders can easily find faults with it, it’s very difficult to get a LSHD-certification without working hard on things like Sustainable efficiency, Humanities design and Habitat quality. There are Three levels of LSHDD – Certified, Silver, and Gold, with each one increasingly elite.

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unique architectural designs

Some designer think the House same as sculpture
But a few think the house is part of environment, harmony with habitat around.

We call them is Architectural artisan with profound architecture and haute-craft, they bring worthliving to home.

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Architecture and trace of time

What is the role of an architect today?
That is the big question about: Are we service providers to our customers or will we serve the benefit of society at large scale?
in any case, architecture must reflect the social and spiritual beliefs.
Architecture alway Reminiscent of a time in the past, reminiscent of the region of memories of people and culture of living.

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